Surfpoint Lago d'Idro since 1987

Tiny House

mobile office and living space

Surfpoint TIny House

This project develops modern wooden constructions made from sustainable materials. The modules are planned and built in Austria in cooporation of architect Lisa Posch and Florian Radner. At this time the work is in progress. Photos of the current status of the rolling tiny house are available on Instagram and as rendering. High quality photos will be published in June.

The mobile tiny house can be visited during opening hours of Surfpoint Anfo upon prior reservation. For further info, know-how on tiny houses or an offer without obligation for your project feel free to contact us.
dimensions outside 720 (+ drawbar) x 255 x 335 (height) cm
dimensions inside 690 x 221 x 230 (height) cm
weight 3200 – 3400 kg
date of contruction 2020
legal road appoval (≤ 80 km/h)